Love In the Cafe

Cast       :               1. Anton Muzaeni Syukur                  : Waiter

2. Ricardo Dwi Prasetyo                   : Waiter

3. Ellin Mustika S                               : Waitress

4. Riska Kamalia                                : Waitress

5. Ati Supriyati                                   : Riska’s Child

(Take 1)

The cafe open at 8 o’clock and as usual arrival interrupted costumer comes first.


Anton & Ricardo               : yeah, let’s start our day off today          (claps hand)

Anton                                   : let’s makes a lot of good cake today

Ricardo                                 : Yes, let’s do it                  (open the cafe)


(There is seller coming to the cafe)

Ellin                                        : Good morning miss.. what you want to orders ? this is menu in our cafe.

Ati supriyati                        : Hmm.. I want to eat chocholate roll and orange juice.

Ellin                                        : Okey.. please wait for a moment.


(The waitress bring a cake and juice)

Ellin                                        : This is your order.. (Bring a cake and juice)

Ati supriyati                        : Oh yeah.. but I can’t eat now.. I have a course, please just wrappe it.

Oh, I’m sorry. I will leave the course for a minute. I’ll back again to take my

(Take 2)

Ricardo                                 : Wow, see the cakes made me today visible tasty (bring a cake)

The cake is ready. Come and get it buddy.

Ellin & Anton                      : Let’s dig in

Ricardo                                 : Okey.. let’s eat to your heart’s content


Ellin                                        : He has dilicate jaw line and his light complexion, he is exactly my style


(Suddenly, come new employee come in to the cafe)

Riska                                      : Good morning everyone

Ellin                                        : Morning. Okey please come here. Anton and Ricardo, this is our new

employee, Her name is Riska..

Riska                                      : Hi ! Can I join up ? (say to Ricardo)

Ricardo                                 : Okey please, good to have you here.

Anton                                   : Hey dude.. what a sensual girl ! remember, stop teasing that new girl.

Ricardo                                 : Okey.. Stay cool buddy !

Anton                                   : Do you know buddy ? She is my type

Ricardo                                 : No, she is my type

Anton                                   : Hey dude, She is mine

Ricardo                                 : No, she has become my property.

Anton                                   : What the hell does it mean ? But I’m your senior buddy.

Ellin                                        : What’s all the fuss ? shake it up ! do it right


(The waitress busy made a cakes)

(Take 3)

Riska                                      : Anton, can I borrow the knife of you ?

Anton                                   : okey please.

Riska you are so pretty (hold hands)

Riska                                      : Oh really ?

Anton                                   : Yes.. It’s true.

Riska                                      : Thank you. It was such cheap flattery ! (fake a smile)


Ellin                                        : Why don’t you look at me ? I can’t take it anymore. He always persuade

her. (take the face jealous)

Ati Supriyati                        : Excuse me, may I take my orders this morning ?

Anton                                   : Ellin, what are you doing ?

Can you take her orders on the table there ?

Ellin                                        : Okay wait, I will take it now.

This is your cake (bring cake to Ati)

Ati                                          : Oh, Thank you miss.. it’s visible tasty


(Take 4)

When Anton and Ricardo went to throw the trash and then they find ID card of Riska near the door.


Ricardo                                 : Hey buddy look at this.. Isn’t ID card of Riska ? now she’s birthday..

Anton                                   : Now is her birthday ? (Shock)

Ricardo                                 : Yes, she is. Let’s go we express to her.

I will make cake for her

Anton                                   : Yes, I also will make cake for Riska

Ricardo                                 : Okey, who is the cake that will liked by Riska ?

Anton                                   : Okey.. I don’t afraid. Let’s do it !

Ellin                                        : Hey anton, Ricardo.. you make a cake for anyone else ?

Anton                                   : We are making the cakes for Riska.


(Take 5)

(Anton and Ricardo making the cake for Riska)

Anton, Ricardo, Ellin        : HAPPY BIRTHDAY RISKA !!!

Riska                                     : Oh, Thank you my friends

Where you know if today is my birthday ?

Anton                                   : We know your birthday today from your ID card that fell on the floor near the door.

Riska                                      : Oh.. really ?

Ellin                                        : Yes, this is for you Riska

Riska                                      : Thanks for this cake my friends.


When Riska choose, suddenly come Riska’s child

Ati Supriyati                        : Mommy .. (hug with Riska)


(All person is shock when they are knowing Riska has baby)

Riska                                      : Ati.. What do you think you’re doing here ?

Ati Supriyati                        : Happy birthday mom.. this is for you. wish you all the best.

Riska                                      : Oh.. thank you so much my baby. where you know today is my birthday ?

Ati Supriyati                        : I know from my dad that is now your birthday mom.

Riska                                      : Oh, when your father give to inform about it ?

Ati Supriyati                        : Last night mom, when I was watching tv with my dad.

Riska                                      : Oh, It’s make me shock Ati. You are coming to here only want to express

happy birthday to me. I’m very strut about.

Anton                                   : Are you call her mommy ?

Ricardo                                 : Is she your baby ?

Riska                                      : Yes, she is my baby. her name is Ati supriyati


Finally Ricardo and Anton shock that Riska was married and have a children.

Anton and Ricardo disappointed.